AS Elections 2016: Meet Director of Sustainability candidate Sharon Nat

Sharon Nat, is a psychology major currently running for Associated Students Director of Sustainability. Her dream is to become a multicultural psychologist outside of the United States where she'll be able to use her fluency in English, Spanish, and Punjabi. But for now, she wants to change SMC for the better. Nat believes the three biggest issues on campus are, keeping SMC beautiful (from garbage and messy bathrooms), making women's products like tampons free (the same way condoms are for men), and having a more student-oriented perspective on the peer mentoring program.

If elected, Nat would "love to have the cigarette recycling bins on campus to make the area where people smoke cigarettes more clean." She also wants to have more food options in the cafeteria available for vegans and her fellow vegetarians.

In regard to the relationship between administration and the students, she admitted there was a divide. She said, "Sometimes the administration will say they can't do anything (about a problem) because it will look bad on them. There should be a more comfortable relationship between students and the administration. "

Although the relationship between students and the administration is strained, she doesn't blame the current AS board. "The current board is doing a good job," she said. "They got student vouchers for meals. They provided free canteens and really seem to be providing sustainable things with the resources that they have. They also go to club meetings which shows how much they care about the students."

While she would like to win, Nat believes that "either way the AS is going to be in good hands." But for students thinking about voting for her, she has one message: "Many students around the world come to SMC for a fresh start. Let their voices be heard so that students can connect."