Thrifting on a Student Budget

American Vintage, a second hand store, located in Westwood, CA, has an selection of vintage clothing displayed for customers to select from. Feb. 21, 2017 (Photo by Ryanne Mena)
American Vintage, a second hand store, located in Westwood, CA, has an selection of vintage clothing displayed for customers to select from. Feb. 21, 2017 (Photo by Ryanne Mena)

Many college students have learned to be thrifty now that tuition prices have reached an all time high. These already scarce budgets from minimum wage jobs are reserved mainly for necessities like school supplies, textbooks, food, and rent. This does not leave students with extra cash for extracurricular activities. Students who love fashion may especially find it difficult to afford to dress the way they'd like because of their income being sucked up by college education costs. Luckily, there are a few great places around Los Angeles that sell retro, vintage and trendy items at prices even college students can afford.

Jet Rag: Located on La Brea just off Santa Monica Blvd, this shop has an array of vintage second hand clothing for a decent price Monday through Fridays. On Sundays, Jet Rag holds its infamous ‘Dollar Sale’ where you can scoop up most pieces for only a dollar, excluding the leather jackets which are still only ten. The trick to getting first dibs on all the best vintage items is to arrive early in the morning. Many shoppers from all over the area swarm this Sunday sale as early as 9am to claim one of the many coveted vintage goodies in the massive pile dumped out in the parking lot. There are also tons of other clothing splayed out on plastic tarps underneath tents, but the more diverse items can be found deep within bundles. No need to worry if you're not an early riser, they continually bring out more bundles of treasure for you to hunt through every hour.

Iguana Vintage: When first stepping into this store, you may be confused as to whether it's a clothing or costume shop. But Iguana Vintage is known for it's authentic vintage clothing and other funky novelty odds and ends. Located on Hollywood Blvd, this shop attracts many locals and tourists alike. Their clothing style ranges from the 1920’s to the 1990’s, a collection of the best of the best. From cool retro t-shirts to funky dresses and vintage patches, they carry items for all occasions and all styles.

American Vintage: If you’re in the Westwood Village eager for some new threads, American Vintage is the place to stop and check out for a cool new look. Located on Broxton Ave, the name of the place says it all. Going thrift shopping can sometimes be a drag if you’re not into the whole rummaging through the entire store thing, but luckily American Vintage is neatly organized making finding what you’re looking for a snap.

Animal House: Located in the heart of Venice Beach, this shop has an eclectic variety of vintage items for your everyday life and for that black tie dinner as well, ranging mainly from the 70’s to the 90’s this place has it all. They get new items in every Tuesday and Thursday, which are the days you'll probably end up finding the most since their best items go fast in this popular shop. Unlike many other second hand clothing stores, all the clothing sold in Animal House is washed and dried before they hit the racks, making these threads both cool and clean.

Out of the Closet: Located right off Rose ave and Lincoln blvd, this thrift shop gets new items in every day and is donation based. With such a large amount of clothing the store has, don't be surprised if you loose a few hours scavenging through their massive selection. Shopping here doesn’t just mean finding retro one of a kind items, along with acquiring some new outfits, you’ll also be helping support the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

Students who want to creatively express themselves but are also limited by a budget do not have to be confined to shopping at basic stores like Target or Marshalls. If you long for more unique and creative pieces then you can still broaden your style options with all these thrifty spots that fit your own personal style and your budget. Changing up your shopping routine to local second hand shops is always great to mix up your style while still being responsible financially.