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Halloween; A History

As the spookiest time of year draws in, some may ask the question of how the considerably silly tradition of Halloween came to be. While some version of Halloween tradition has occurred for centuries, it didn't become the kid-friendly, neighborhood festivity we recognize today until recently. 

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Silence of the Bees

Dozens of students filled the hushed auditorium on the evening of Tuesday, September 25, eagerly awaiting sound that never came. Santa Monica College’s guest speaker, George Langworthy, gave an impromptu Q&A session when the audio at the screening of renowned documentary, Vanishing of the Bees, went awry.

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“And Then They Came For Us” connects Japanese American incarceration to hate crime.

The Silver Gavel Award-winning documentary, "And Then They Came For Us," is a collection of personal interviews from former concentration camp children. First-hand witnesses combined with vivid historical data and photography brings 1942 closer to today. The touching testimonies of those recalling such an experience through the eyes of a once innocent childhood. 

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