Rihanna keeps it "Loud" with new album

With her number one single "Only Girl (In the World)," pop star Rihanna has once again lured fans in with another album. "Loud," the singer's latest album proves that the girl knows what she's doing, and is destined to stay at the top of the charts.

The album opens up with "S&M," an electronic pop song, and a genre that the fiery red head seems to stick to on this album. "What's My Name," the second track on the album, features the popular hip-hop star, Drake, who recently shot a video with Rihanna for the tune.

As the album continues on, she holds to a rock-steady rhythm, though it doesn't make the album seem as anticipated as it should be. The pacing of "Loud" quickly picks up though once "Only Girl," Rihanna's single and strongest track, comes into play.

Rihanna touches back with her Barbados-based sound in "Man Down," the seventh track on her album.

The most anticipated song "Raining Men," not the 1979 jam that everyone was raving about at the time, features the unstoppable Nicki Minaj. Though Minaj nearly steals the spotlight in "Raining Men" as she usually does in most songs, her verse was short in which Rihanna comes back to redeem herself.

The continuous rising star has definitely improved herself from her prior album "Rated R," and even continues to wow fans with the anticipated final track, "Love the Way U Lie-Part II," which does indeed feature Eminem.

Rihanna seems to be no longer "Complicated" from all the public drama back in 2009. She has picked herself back up and with two albums later, she's no longer sending out an "SOS" to her fans.


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