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Uniting the Four Corners

On the evening of Tuesday, September 26th, Santa Monica College hosted a screening of the documentary West Los. “I’m not Charlie from Culver City, I’m just Charlie.” Charlie Chacon, a first time filmmaker from Culver City, says this to highlight why he is making this documentary. He has spent the last three years trying to create a film about how the lowrider culture within West Los Angeles was a way to unite former rival neighborhoods.

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Healing the Bay: Coastal Cleanup Day 2017

Dotted along the coast of Venice Beach with a backdrop of grey skies, early morning beachgoers for miles carried buckets and scanned the sands. Instead of filling their buckets with typical beach treasures such as shells, stones, or the occasional starfish, these shore hunters were filling them with cigarette filters, straws, and plastic bottle caps.

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