Corsair coverage of JACC

On April 7 the Santa Monica College Corsair Newspaper staff left Los Angeles for one of the biggest competitions known to a college journalist the 20 staff members that arrived in Sacramento for the 50th anniversary of the Journalism Association of Community Colleges.

According to the official website of the association, "The Journalism Association of Community Colleges is an association of California and Arizona community college journalism programs designed to provide continuing education for journalism instructors and extended educational opportunities for journalism students."

A full on brigade of Corsair Staff writers and photographers took over the double tree hotel in Sacramento where the convention was being held. Approximately 600 students from 46 different community colleges in the state of California were there to learn everything they could about journalism and win some great prices for the hard work they have been doing. They also had what they call on-the-spot awards, meaning student journalists got assignments ranging from page layout to feature stories that had to be found and written sometimes within an hour after the event had happened.

On April 10, a very happy newspaper staff arrived back in Los Angeles having won 19 awards ranging from info graphics to sports feature.

So check out the Corsair official online website for all of the winning stories and photos. Also if you want to see what the Corsair and the other college experienced check out the official JACC 2005 blog at