The How-To on What You Can Do To Beautify Campus

Have you ever wondered if you could make Santa Monica College more beautiful? David Perkins is an SMC student who went the extra step towards making this a reality. He plans to plant flowers near the music building.

"I put the sprinkles on the rose, the icing on the cake," he said, an important metaphor that explains how he really wants to change SMC for the better by adding his own personal touch.

At first Perkins thought it was a great idea, but he was skeptical that it would lift off the ground. He was worried that SMC might not have the budget, because there were many changes that the college underwent (i.e. cuts, class cancellations, etc.), as well he worried if the school was going to have the manpower or the time to undertake this task.

For help he went to Marge Ann Windish, the secretary of the Music department, who told him that he had to go through maintenance to plant flowers. He talked to Tom Corpus, head of grounds, and his proposal was followed by immediate delight.

However, it was a month-and-a-half later that Perkins discovered that his dream might not see the light of day.

Corpus said to Perkins that it would be a "major liability issue if you get hurt" planting flowers, since Perkins wasn't covered by the school's insurance.

Corpus did say that there is a Federal Work Study program that has employees working on grounding, which encompasses working with soil. "I can hire you as student help," said Corpus.

He told Perkins of another way he could go about planting flowers, too. If he joins a school club, clubs are immune to liability issues on campus as long as a member of the school's faculty heads them.

With a faculty advisor, then any club in the school can do the same thing as Perkins is attempting to do - beautify the campus.

"There are unlimited possibilities on how each and every person in the college can make it a more pleasant experience and environment in which to study and grow," said Perkins.

Perkins is part of a club and not only that, but he is the Israel chairperson for the Hillel club. He will use his connection with the club to gain protection under the "umbrella" of Santa Monica College. He is on the verge to "make things beautiful."

Of note there is only a limited amount of space to plant flowers.