Corsairs Need a Little Courage and a Little Heart to Stay in the Game

Coach Robert Taylor had another sit down with the Corsair to explain why his team has fallen so far down.


Corsair: What went wrong Coach?


Coach Taylor: Corsair football went wrong, we didn't play well in any phase of the game- offense, defense. We were not good in everything. McManus started the game as quarterback, and he got hurt. Our QB shouldn't have been injured, he got blind-sided, our blocking was not very good. We are going into a room and not leaving until we figure out why we're not playing good football. We are not coaching these kids to play bad football. I knew that the four-weeks on the road would be hard. Only two teams have won in our conference, so we're not the only one who is zero and three. We can still win the conference championship, but I need answers from my players. Without answers I can't push forward. I had guys not even show up for the game. There is no excuse to not show up to a football game, unless someone is dying or suffering.


Corsair: How do you get your team up for conference play?


Coach Taylor: If they have an ounce of intelligence, they'll understand what I'm talking about. We are 0 and 3, just like everybody else. If we play better we can get right back into it. They need to talk to me. Nasouf, [the starter at the beginning of the season] quit the team last week.


Corsair: Why did he quit?


Coach Taylor: I haven't talked to him; I don't care to talk to him. I don't really want to discuss that too much. Burns is going to start this week. I moved Scribner to safety but I need him back at QB. So he'll be the backup until we can get McManus back. The game at Bakersfield was atrociously bad. I'm still upset about it, in football you got to move on to the next week. I can't do anything about the past, just the present and the future. I'm going to find out who wants to play here and who doesn't. I'm going to give them the opportunity to leave if they don't want to play here; I'm going to give them the opportunity to be men.

"I can teach responsibility, but I can't teach heart and courage. They have got to find courage. They have to stop with the defeated attitude and having their heads down. We are going to have to reach down and get something. I'm not going to quit on these kids. They think that I don't worry about them, I worry about them everyday. I worry about them when they go home at night, when they're at school. I'm sick of not being able to sleep at night. I'm worried about them. I'll get them there, I have to. If we can keep our head up, play good sound football, we are as good as anyone."