Inter-Club Council Meets with Great Enthusiasm

The Inter- Club Council meeting for this school year was an amazing display of school spirit and enthusiasm among students of all types of interests at Santa Monica College.

The meeting opened at 4 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 18.The meeting attracted more than 100 students, very enthusiastic about the clubs and the school year.

Every club had their members, ICC reps and even presidents ready to promote their club and show enthusiastic collectivity in support of everyone else's club.

The crowd was so large that the ICC board and Associated Students counselor Benny Blades had to bring in a megaphone to address the crowd gathered in the Cayton Center meeting area.

As the roll call began excited students began to proudly display their club names and give out information about their clubs and agenda.

In the beginning David Chun, Associated Students President, gave a welcome speech thanking the ICC board and giving support to all the student members of the clubs, which was followed by a warm applause by the student audience.

Cameron Henton, the Student Trustee for the Associated Students, gave an announcement inviting students to apply for position of commissioner which he stated would greatly help the Associated Students advance their goals quicker.

Wendy Hermosillo, the newly appointed director of sustainability, stated, "We are trying to create a sustainable environment on campus. We need the clubs to reduce the environmental waste produced on campus starting with paper. We need to try to make every event a zero waste event."

Roxanne Masserat , Inter Club Council Chair, gave the meeting announcements and Benny Blaydes, reports advisor, announced information on financial aid and admission deadlines.

Jafet Santiago, vice president of Associated Students, also gave a welcome speech to the club members and announced the Rock the Vote event Oct. 16, where representatives from the Obama and McCain campaign will be present and information will be given on the upcoming campaign. Newly Appointed Director of Activities Raphael Sisa gave a great welcome speech to the clubs.

Sisa is the director of activities for the Associated Students and the main director of all activities that any club wants to have on campus.

There were 30 clubs present at the ICC meeting and every club that was present was fully installed meaning they are officially established and are now able to have their meetings.

This semester there are a wide range of clubs available for students to participate in. Do you want to learn how to juggle or perform circus tricks? There is a circus and juggling club.

If you want to help reduce environmental waste join the Eco Action Club. There are clubs oriented for Japanese, German, Chinese, Mexican, or Iranian culture learning.

Student Robert Clark even announced that he would like to start a Buddha Student Union, which is a Buddhist club.

You can learn how to tap dance in the Tap dance club, or learn how to dance Ballroom in the Ballroom and International Dance Club.

There are religious clubs for anyone interested being with fellow Christian or Jewish students; every club stated that any student is welcome to join their club.

This warm open armed welcome to every student just shows how supportive Santa Monica College's students are toward each other and Club Presidents are doing their best to have great interaction between clubs of all types.

This great enthusiasm coupled with creativity is surely going to make this year's club scene very exciting and fun. Another greatly anticipated topic on the ICC meeting agenda was the discussion of Club Row.

Club Row is a highly exciting and anticipated event of the year where all the clubs gather in front of the library and set up booths.

There is music and singing setup by the Associated Students, food prepared and served by the clubs, and prize giveaways.

Club Row is an event which no student should miss out on as it is the one of the greatest events of the year where students of all cultures come together to dance, eat food, and enjoy each other. Club Row will be held Thursday, Oct. 30, of this year at Student Activity Hour from 11:15 to 12:45.

Also discussed was the theme of this year's Club Row. The choices were either between Halloween and the American red, white, blue theme. Many students were supportive of both choices.

Towards the end of the meeting, Roxanne Masserat, Inter Club Council Chair, proposed a motion to install and give 100% funding to all clubs, and with a loud, positive support all clubs unanimously approved the decision.