AS Elections 2016: Meet Director of Budget Management candidate Auguste Gezalyan

Mathematics major Auguste Gezalyan ultimately hopes to become a mathematician. However, for now he’s running for the position of Associated Students Director of Budget Management at SMC. “I was fortunate enough to get every signature I needed long before the deadline,” Gezalyan said.

He decided he wanted to run for the position after last year's election.

“I have been Sam Ross's commissioner for nearly a year (currently his primary) and have watched the current board firsthand, struggle on behalf of the students to improve SMC in every way they can,” Gezalyan said. “I believe I can continue their struggle.”

As Director of Budget Management, he wants to “create and maintain” resources that students as individuals and as part of clubs can use to further their success.

“I have already started on this, as Sam Ross's primary commissioner I have been charged with creating the Innovative Research Project Award,” Gezalyan said. “This award will provide 100 percent AS support for research in any field. I intend on creating more awards like this one.”

His past experience handling large budgets includes taking minutes in the Finance Committee. According to Gezalyan, watching the current board allocate resources has given him more than enough experience to run for the current position.

Gezalyan is part of the Unity slate, which focuses on increasing student success by helping with financial needs and assisting clubs, with an emphasis on diversity. Both the Unity slate and Gezalyan agree that students in minority groups need more representation at SMC. These include veterans, the disabled, and the homeless. He also hopes the school will allow for more full-time professors.

AS spends a lot of time working with administration in order to implement their projects. His experience in AS has allowed him a window into that relationship.

“The current and future AS boards need to be respected by the administration so they can function,” Gezylan said. “On the other hand, the administration is due some respect as well. I will be diplomatic, but I will advocate for what is best for student success regardless of the circumstances.”

Gezylan supports efforts being made by the current AS board and, if elected, will likely continue in a similar direction.

“The current AS board is doing a good job,” Gezylan said. “The tenacity in which certain directors fight on the students' behalf is very humbling.”