AS Elections 2016: Meet the Director of Community Relations candidate Stephany Triska

Stephany Triska is a 19 year old majoring in political science with an emphasis on international relations, hoping to graduate from UCLA and work in the diplomatic field. She was born and raised in Brazil, and participates in the Model UN, Phi Theta Kappa, and Sigma Chi Eta clubs. Triska is running for Director of Community Relations as part of the Unity slate in the 2016 Associated Students elections. “The reason why I decided to run in the AS elections is because for me, helping the community is a duty, and I want to make sure that local and international students can have their voices heard, and for their daily problems that they face at SMC to be resolved,” said Triska.

“On my position, I would be taking care of community service, and I want to make it more attractive for people to be part of and help their local community,” she said. “But even though that is what my position is mainly about, I want to be able to hear from students about what their real struggles are at SMC.”

“I’ve talked to the current Director of Community Relations [Aicha Conte], and she is responsible for the program “Let’s Talk” that brings students together to have a conversation and share experiences on specific topics. She is really passionate about the work that she is doing,” said Triska. “ I would like to absorb as much as I can from her.”

When asked to pitch herself to students in one sentence, Triska said, “As an AS Director of Community Relations, I hope to continue the agenda of our current director while still providing outreach for others, such as at-risk youth, homeless youth, and international students.”