AS Elections 2016: Meet Director of Instructional Support candidate Madeleine Turner

Madeleine Turner is a 20 year old history major, currently in her third semester at SMC. She is a Canadian-American who attended the University of Toronto, a passionate follower of Associated Students goings-on, and a candidate for Director of Instructional Support in the 2016 AS elections, running with the New Wave slate. “I’m passionate about AS. I really am. I sit in on the board meetings every Monday, and I’ve been doing that since my first semester,” said Turner of her inspiration for running for the AS board. “And I’m specifically running for instructional support because I’m the type of person who loves to sweat the details. And I think instructional support is all about noticing the details of what's going wrong with the school and addressing them, and helping people through that.”

“I’m a big advocate for the remodel of the Cayton Center computer lounge, and I’m also really interested in maintaining that the blue books and the scantrons are always available for free,” said Turner. She doesn’t see the issues with the Cayton Center as the biggest problem facing SMC students though.

I’ll tell you what the biggest problem that SMC students are facing: it’s the parking situation,” said Turner. “I think that I can solve that problem because I'm constantly paying attention to it. I know the details about it. I know why it’s not working yet, and I know where we can jump off from that point.” Turner, along with presidential candidate Steve Maldonado, founded the New Wave slate.