AS Elections 2016: Meet Director of Publicity candidate Clara Prado

Clara Prado is an 18 year old film major originally from São Paulo, Brazil. She is a member of the SMC Debate Team and Phi Theta Kappa, as well as the secretary for the Model UN. She one day hopes to transfer to the University of British Columbia in Canada, and study to become a set designer. Prado is running for the Director of Publicity with the Unity slate in the 2016 Associated Students elections and spoke to us via email. The big issue she wants to change is how well information about public events are disseminated. She said, “Sincerely, in my first semester, I got upset about not being well informed about what the school had to offer. Numerous times there were events happening on the quad that I did not know about, and it really bothered me. When I realized that this was not my fault, but the school’s fault, then I decided to run for the Director of Publicity position.”

“I’m not the kind of person who likes to talk a lot and has a bunch of friends. I’m shy and the whole process of this campaign/election itself has been challenging for me,” said Prado. “I may not be facing someone else, but I’m facing myself and that is a lot.”

“The biggest problem at SMC is information, in the sense that we do not have access to the information we should have as students. That is what I want to improve,” said Prado. “I can help by doing an amazing job as Director of Publicity and giving people the necessary information to allow them to be part of the SMC community.”

When asked to pitch herself in one statement to students, Prado said, “I’m really organized, creative, and determined. I will do the best possible to achieve all my goals for this position.”