AS Elections 2016: Meet Director of Sustainability candidate Abderezak Azib

Abderezak Azib is a 23 year old environmental engineering major. He grew up in Algeria before moving to Boston at the age of 12. He is now a student at SMC, and a candidate for the position of Director of Sustainability in the 2016 Associated Students elections. Azib’s passion is the environment. His first day at SMC, he joined a club called EcoAction, and through his dedicated work at the club, rose up to the position of vice president. Originally an electrical engineering major, Azib made the switch to environmental engineering, citing a desire for a deeper focus in renewable energy and climate change issues.

Azib’s passion for the environment, as well as science, is expressed clearly by the two men he considers the most influential figures in his life: “Albert Einstein and John Muir,” he said. “ Albert Einstein is just a fascinating character that speaks to my neurons. Yeah, that was a little bit geeky, but sure. And for John Muir, I appreciate the man as an environmentalist.”

“[Transportation] has been addressed a lot by students, and that was one of — and it still is one of — my biggest projects working on with the [Environmental Urban Studies] center, so I have a lot of data regarding that situation,” Azib said regarding the biggest problem he sees facing SMC students. “We are working on having all of the bus lines to come and join to let SMC students ride for free no matter what line. So bringing it to the next step other than just the Blue Bus.”