AS Elections 2016: Meet Director of Activities candidate Jeannie Joo

Jeannie Joo, originally from Washington, is in her first year at SMC, and serves as the treasurer of the Communications Club. She says she’s still keeping everything open as far as what she wants to do with her career, but for now, she’s focusing all of her energy on her campaign for Director of Activities in the 2016 Associated Students election. “My personal message for the school in general is balance. What I’ve learned from being here a semester and a I think balance has been the most important thing in my life,” said Joo. “I’ve learned that taking all of these extremely vigorous courses while also having a social life, and while having, you know, your own pursuit of happiness, you need to have balance in your life.”

“I’ve actually watched a lot of [the AS] board meetings and I personally think that this group really cares about the campus and cares about everything that’s going on,” said Joo. “I think the number one thing I can learn is just being open and approachable to students because I feel like that’s what activities is kind of for.”

She said, “The reason why I wanted to run was, in high school, I never really had, I guess, the courage to run for things, and I was really upset about that. And so then this year, I saw all the opportunities for it and was like, ‘This is great opportunity for me and I want to change the school.'”