Feathers Fly In Downtown Los Angeles

The feathers were flying in downtown Los Angeles on April 1, 2017, also known as April Fools Day. Hundreds of revelers and pillow fight enthusiasts traded soft blows in LA’s Pershing Square in a giant pillow fight that would dwarf even the biggest slumber party slugfests.

“Get ready for an afternoon of litness!" advises the event's Facebook page.

This annual International Pillow Fight Day tradition has occurred since 2003 when it first took place outside Macy’s in New York City. Today’s event drew over 100 people dressed in eccentric costumes armed with feather-filled weapons. Children, teens, adults and seniors swung pillows at one another for over two hours on Saturday.

Anthony Caine, a 31-year-old pillow fight enthusiast came to the event dressed as a masked wrestler, Nacho Libre, and he had a strategy. “Mostly, aim for the smallest people first, get them out of the way. Then go for the bigger people, if you are aiming to win,” joked Caine. But that did not work out for him too well, as young pillow fight enthusiasts ganged up on the grunting muscle man.

LA wasn’t the only site of a pillow fight on April Fools Day. Cities all over the world were in on this caper. Battles were fought in Hungary, Cyprus, Romania and Italy. This event captures the hearts of tens of thousands around the world each year.

After 2 hours of fun, revelers donated their pillows to the event organizers who will have them washed and distributed to the homeless. By the time International Pillow Fight Day was over, the ground in Pershing Square was covered with feathers and looked like it had snowed on this sunny April afternoon.