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Women’s Soccer Ends Drought with 4-3 Win Against Antelope Valley

The Corsairs returned home this Friday, Sept. 28, looking to break through a victory drought of four tied games. Currently ranked #16 in the country, Santa Monica College (SMC) faced plenty of adversity throughout the match against the Antelope Valley (AV) Marauders, who took the lead twice within the first minutes of each half. 

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“And Then They Came For Us” connects Japanese American incarceration to hate crime.

The Silver Gavel Award-winning documentary, "And Then They Came For Us," is a collection of personal interviews from former concentration camp children. First-hand witnesses combined with vivid historical data and photography brings 1942 closer to today. The touching testimonies of those recalling such an experience through the eyes of a once innocent childhood. 

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"The New Normal"

When we have L.A sheriffs talk about mass shootings as "the new normal," we may have become complacent when it comes to gun control. Tragedies like Sandy Hook and Parkland were meant to be the spark to ignite change, to make sure that no man, woman, child would lose their lives to crazy people with guns. Considering at the time of writing this there's already been three people shot in Maryland, I guess not.

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