AS Elections 2016: Meet Director of Student Assistance candidate Jazzmin Sardin

Jazzmin Sardin is a 20 year old Los Angeles native who is majoring in criminology. She's currently involved with Black Collegians, Adelante and Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS). She is hopeful that she can transfer to UC Irvine for Fall 2017 and one day work for the FBI or the CIA. Sardin is running unopposed for Director of Student Assistance in the 2016 Associated Students elections with the Fresh Start slate.

She has been motivated to run for Director of Student Assistance because, as she said, "I want to improve the lives of students here at Santa Monica College by making sure they are receiving the help they need from our student services programs here on campus."

In her past experience with student service programs, she has learned how to access the resources available on campus and wants to make those resources easily accessible for all of the students of SMC.

She also spoke about the slate she is running on. "Fresh Start is all about advocating and representing all of SMC's students," said Sardin. "We want to hear what the students want, what matters to them so we can make it happen."

As far as running unopposed, she said, "I kind of wish I was facing a challenger for this position. I would have wanted to know what ideas they would have had to help the programs."